Pilot Career Hub

Pilot Career Hub

Supporting you in progressing your piloting career

Pilot Career Hub

Welcome to our Pilot Career Hub. Our aim is to provide you with effective support at any stage of your aviation career. Whether you are a Cadet Pilot looking for their first flying position or an experienced Captain seeking a change of role, we are here to help.

Initial Application & Career Support

Our initial application support section seeks to ensure that you have everything you need in order to progress past the initial application process and get invited to an airline assessment. We provide CV & Covering Letter support and guidance as well as Online Application help.

An example covering letter for people applying for a cadet pilot courseShutterStock
Example Pilot CV TemplatesFlightDeckFriend.com
A package of products designed to help pilots apply for an airlineShutterStock
A range of example cover letters for commercial airline pilot positions including Ryanair, Wizz Air, easyJet, Jet2.com, EmiratesShutter Stock
A guide to putting together your online application for an airline pilot job
How to design a CV for an airline pilot application
A guide to writing a Cover Letter for an airline pilot positionShutter Stock
We tailor you a professional airline pilot Cover Letter to support your airline applicationShutter Stock
Professionally created Airline Pilot CVs
Support for pilot assessment applications with airlinesShutter Stock
Need a Cover Letter in a hurry? We offer an express pilot CV & Cover service.

Pilot Interview & Assessment Support

Our pilot interview and application support focusses on equipping you with the right tools to go on and pass the airline assessment and interview phase of selection. We offer help with aptitude testing, technical tests, interviews and group exercises.

Example Interview Questions used at Airline Pilot InterviewsShutter Stock
Easy Mental Arithmetic tips and tricks for PilotsShutterStock
A look at how to excel in a group exercise scenario at a pilot assessment
Practice Pilot Aptitude Testing with Symbiotics
A guide on how to pass a pilot interview and assessment and selection process
Example numerical reasoning aptitude tests for pilotsShutter Stock
Interview Preparation for Pilots. We help you prepare for your Cadet or Airline Pilot interview.
Practice technical exams for Airline Pilot Assessments
Verbal Reasoning Practice Example Tests for Airline Pilot SelectionShutter Stock
Over 350 example interview questions asked at a Cadet Pilot interviewShutter Stock

Simulator Assessment Support

If you’ve got as far as the simulator assessment, you’ve almost got the job. Don’t let a poor performance in the simulator hold your career back.

Simulator Price Comparison
Prepare for your simulator assessment
A320 Online Training PackageShutter Stock

Low Hour Pilots

We know that the hardest part of your career can be the time from finishing your flight training and securing your first flying job. We were all there once. We’ve put together a section dedicated to low hour pilots seeking their first jobs.

How to improve your chances of getting a job as an airline pilotShutter Stock
CPL & MEIR Revalidation and Renewal OptionsShutter Stock
Alternative job suggestions for low hour airline pilots
The rules for pilot validation and currency for airline pilots