Airline Pilot Interview Example Questions

Pilot Interview Example Questions

A comprehensive database of example competency and technical airline pilot interview questions designed to help you prepare for your airline interview.

Pilot Interview Example Questions

Join the hundreds of pilots that have downloaded the interview question database to help prepare for an upcoming airline assessment. The database consists of over 350 example questions (with suggested answers) that are regularly asked at flight crew interviews.

Our database has been created by pilot recruiters, technical pilot instructors and management pilots to ensure it is representative of airline interviews questions asked across the globe.

With intense competition for each position which has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s vital that you thoroughly prepare for your airline interview in order to place yourself ahead of the competition. Our interview question database is a fantastic tool to help you prepare for your upcoming airline assessment, regardless of your experience level. You can study it in your own time, on any device. We firmly believe that if you can answer the questions in our database, you’ll be thoroughly prepared for your interview! 

Please note, we have a separate database for Cadet Pilots looking to prepare for an airline mentored scheme or a Flight Training Organisation. Details of this can be found here.

Over 350 Questions

Our pilot interview question bank consists of over 175 personal and competency based example interview questions (typically referred to as HR “give us an example of…” questions) and over 175 technical questions. We update the database on a regular basis based on feedback from pilots attending assessments and new questions that we come across. The database has been built by current airline pilots, with the questions answered from a currently pilots perspective.

Instant Download

Whilst you are able instantly download the database in PDF format, the question bank is also located in our exclusive ‘members only’ area online, which allows you to access it on the move and at any time of day or night. If you are on a budget, you can select our standard package which contains over 350 example interview questions without answers. Our enhanced package (recommended) comes with both questions and example answers to the Competency and Technical questions. The database has been compiled by current airline Captains and First Officers who have extensive airline selection experience. 

Here’s a small selection of the type of pilot interview questions that are included in our Airline Interview Question Database – both Competency (HR) based and Technical Questions:

  • Tell me about the typical day of a pilot?
  • What makes a good first officer?
  • What challenges does the company face over the next 10 years?
  • Tell us about a time you’ve fallen short at something?
  • Explain Dutch Roll?
  • How do you calculate the required sweep of the wings?

All of these questions come with appropriate answers.

Advanced Package – WITH suggested answers to 350+ Competency and Technical Example Interview Questions

£39.99 – Instant PDF Download

What’s included in our advanced package?

  • Reviewed December 2021
  • Instant PDF download
  • 350+ interview questions and answers
  • 107 page document consisting of over 30,500 words

Once payment has been completed, you will be able to instantly download the question database in PDF format.

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