Pilot CV Example Templates

Pilot CV Example Templates

Check out our free CV templates

Free Pilot CV Example Templates

Designing a pilot CV can be tedious and time-consuming, so we’ve got some free pilot CV example templates to give you inspiration. Professionally tailored flight crew CVs might be outside your budget, but you can copy our designs without spending any money.

Our example pilot resumes have been designed to be very clear and concise, making sure all the vital information is included whilst making it easy for the recruiter to find what they need. Recruiters may spend as little as 15 seconds reviewing your CV, so it is vital that all the information they need to see is spelt out clearly. It’s also becoming more and more common for the initial screening to be completed by an automated ‘ATS’ system, so we’ve laid them out into specific sections to ensure they are professionally structured whilst ensuring they are ATS friendly.

If you don’t have time to create your own CV based on our designs, then you can download our CV templates in Microsoft Word format, which you can then customise yourself. They are priced at £7.99 each or you can buy the entire bundle for £29.99 (saving over 50%!).

When you edit these CVs, we recommend you do it in conjunction with our CV Design Guide.

Please note that FlightDeckFriend.com has no affiliation with any airline.

Example Pilot CV Templates
Free Pilot CV Template
Jet2.com Pilot CV Template
easyJet Pilot Example CV
Wizz Air Example Pilot CV
Pilot CV Templdate Example 1
Generic Pilot CV 3
Example CV template for someone applying to Wizz Air as a pilot
Legacy Airline Pilot Example CV

Download Our Example CV Templates

Our Pilot CV Template Package contains 12 Microsoft Word documents. The package includes 5 generic pilot CV templates and 7 airline specific templates for pilots which can be manually adjusted to an airline of your choosing.

The documents have been designed in Microsoft Word for Mac version 16. The CVs have been designed for low hour pilots but can be customised for pilots of any experience levels.

Once payment has been completed via our Sellfy store, we will email shortly after with the .ZIP file containing the 10 Microsoft .docx files.

There are 7 specific airline CV designs:

  • Legacy Airline
  • DHL / EAT
  • easyJet
  • Jet2.com
  • Low Cost Airline
  • Wizz Air (x2)

Individual Template Download

  • Single CV template design
  • Download in MS Word Format
  • Fully Customisable

CV Template Combo Package

  • Download all 12 Pilot CV Templates (pictured above)
  • 7 Airline Specific CV Templates
  • 5 Generic Pilot CV Templates
  • All Fully Customisable

CV & Cover Letter Template Combo Package

  • 12 Pilot CV Templates
  • All Our Example Pilot Covering Letters
  • Total Cost of £70+ if purchased individually

Pilot Application Support Package

  • 12 Pilot CV Templates
  • All Our Example Pilot Cover Letters
  • Airline Interview Question Database
  • Total Cost of £100+ if purchased individually

Professionally Tailored CV

  • Professionally Tailored CV
  • Bespoke Document
  • Clear & Concise
  • Contains all Critical Information

Professionally Tailored CV & Cover Letter Combo Package

  • Professionally Tailored Documents
  • High quality, clear & concise
  • Bespoke Pilot CV
  • Airline specific, unique Covering Letter
  • Professionally written documents

Professional Pilot CV Design

Want to use our Professional CV design service? Our team have experience in designing selection processes, screening CVs and selecting candidates for airlines. Visit our Professional CV Tailoring page or email us to see how we can help support your airline application.