A320 Online Training Package

Online A320 Training and Briefing Platform

A320 Online Training

We have an exciting new product available for the FlightDeckFriend.com community. This kind of training platform is the first of its kind in the world, it’s new and innovative and the company are passionate about changing the way pilots train. We don’t often promote products to our followers but having sampled this product ourselves we simply had to write about and recommend it.

The all new A320 flight crew training and briefing video system explain in visual detail the normal and abnormal procedures of how to operate the Airbus A320. It combines cockpit footage with 3D animation, graphics and narration.

It is ideal for simulator assessments on the A320, preparation and studying before and during a A320 type rating course or your 6 monthly simulator LPC checks.

The training platform which is available on your smartphone, tablet or laptop / computer show you what you should be doing, why and when.

The videos highlight where you should be looking and what you need to see.

Procedures you only see once every few years in a simulator, you can now watch as many times as you want wherever you want, you could be on the train, sat in the car park before your simulator assessment or just sat at home – all you need is an internet connection.

Please note:

There are some fraudulent websites / Facebook pages promoting themselves as an agent of V-PREP. Users have paid their subscription with these companies and then not received access to the package. The only way to get access is directly through V-PREP. Use the link for a FDF special discount.

Latest Press Release

Flying High as New Pilot Training System is Launched.

Pilots learning to fly holiday jets could see their training transformed thanks to a revolutionary new product developed by a Midlands pilot.

Captain James Feeney who lives near Leek in Staffordshire has spent the last two years working with a team of developers, animators, graphic designers and 3D media specialists to perfect a unique online training system called V-Prep.

As seen on ITV’s hit series ’Inside the Cockpit,’ pilots learning to fly the A320 currently use a combination of text book learning and flight simulators before they venture into the cockpit – a process which takes up to 18 months.

Now thanks to Captain Feeney’s pioneering new system, pilots can supplement their training virtually. V-Prep combines 3D affects, cockpit video footage and voice-over explanations covering more than 80 different processes for the A320 including: normal procedures, flight control laws and protection and abnormal/emergency procedures. Pilots can access the training 24-7 via laptops, tablets, smartphones and anywhere with an internet connection.

Captain Feeney flew and trained on Boeing and Airbus aircraft for 23 years and has taught and examined pilots training to fly the A320 for the last ten years.

Now Chief Executive of V-Prep, the father of four says: “As a Training Captain I was frustrated by the lack of modern training material outside the simulator or classroom environment and the reliance on old-fashioned manuals. I saw that some pilots were supplementing their training with free online material that was often out of date and inaccurate, so I wanted to create something current, easily accessible, and easy to use and understand. We’ve already had enormous interest from organisations and individuals and with approximately 150,000 additional A320 pilots needed over the next 20 years to cope with the worldwide demand, we’re expecting more and more.”

Senior Captain Keith Longden from Andorra was a senior instructor at Airbus Industries Training, where he actually trained the trainers and has both taught and examined pilots learning to fly the Airbus aircraft over the last 25 years.

He has developed many of the techniques used to fly the Airbus today and provided much of the technical input into the V-Prep training system. He said: “We have developed an extremely professional product for pilots, and we have designed it around the way the A320 is flown. We have been absolutely scrupulous with our quality control and are extremely proud of the training we have developed, which we know will save pilots and airlines time and money. Our training is robust, accurate, up to date and will improve the overall learning experience for pilots by making complex procedures easier to learn.”

Pilots can sign up to the training model for $295 a year. Launched in July, the aim is to have 1000 people registered in the first year of operation and expand the site and its capability to offer training on other products in the future.

A test site for pilots to view before they sign up has also been set up and can be viewed by going to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWTy3hGaB6_XlmZgEBCpKaw

Visit https://v-prep.com to place your order for an annual subscription. The cost is $295 plus VAT, with FlightDeckFriend customers receiving a 10% discount by using the code fdf10%off during the checkout process.

Why Choose V-Prep?

All the instructors are Training Captains on the A320. Between them they have over 70 years and 40,000 hours of flying experience together with 25,000 hours training on modern jet aircraft in the simulator and in the air.

Captain Kieth Longden was a senior instructor at Airbus  Training in Toulouse (he trained the trainers) and has instructed and examined on many Airbus aircraft for over 25 years. He developed many of the techniques seen in our video’s. Although retired from his full time position he still trains for Airbus freelance, keeping up to date with the latest training information.

Captain James Feeney flew and trained on Boeing and Airbus aircraft for 23 years and instructed and examined on the A320 over the past 10 years. He has flown and trained on the A320 in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East.

These videos are not shot from a smartphone at the back of a simulator. V-prep have invested significantly in ensuring that the sound and video quality is excellent. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at the demo video yourself.

They present the information using simulator footage, 2D and 3D animation and narration to give you a full understanding of WHAT you need to do and WHY you are doing it and WHEN.

A normal subscription is $295 + VAT for a 12-month subscription. Use the FDF promotional code for a 10% discount.

Once subscribed V-prep offer a full support service via email and phone in case of any problems, and you will be able to stream the videos 24/7.

The answer is EVERYTHING! The platform covers everything you need to know about the A320. All the procedures are derived from Training manuals and Airbus FCOM. They are updated as and when procedures change.

There are over 80 videos in total, including all Normal Procedures, Fight Control Laws and Protection, Abnormal and Emergency Procedures, Supplementary Training and FMGC Programming.

Further videos are being developed and added all the time.