Yearly Training Requirements For Airline Pilots

Yearly Training Requirements for Pilots

A look at what airline pilots need to be check & tested for every year

Airline pilots are probably tested more than any other profession. Every 12 months, pilots must complete the following:

  • Pass a medical assessment ensuring they are fit to fly (reduces to every 6 months when above the age of 60).
  • Complete a ‘Line Check’. This is a bit like a driving test, but in the aircraft. An examiner observes you operating the aircraft to ensure you are compliant with company rules and regulations and are doing the job to a proficient standard.
  • Every 6 months, pilots must go into the simulator where they practice emergency procedures whilst being assessed by an examiner over a couple of days.
  • Complete technical testing to ensure they maintain a high level of technical proficiency on their aircraft type.
  • Complete Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training. This is where pilots are taught about how human factors can affect flight safety.
  • Aviation Security Training
  • Winter Operations Course
  • Dangerous Goods Examination

If the pilot fails any element of these, he or she is removed from flight duties and could ultimately lose their job.