What Speed Does a Boeing 777 Takeoff and Land?

At what speed does a Boeing 777 passenger jet take-off and land at?

A look at the speeds the long haul work horse, the Boeing 777, takes off and lands at

What speed does a Boeing 777 take off and land at?

The Boeing 777-200ER take off or rotate speed (VR) typically varies between 130 – 160 knots (roughly 120-180 mph) depending on the weight of the aircraft. At a typical take-off weight of around 230,000 kgs, the take off speed would be approximately 145 kts which is approximately 165 mph.

A typical landing speed (or speed over the threshold known as VREF) at a landing weight of 190,000 KGS is approximately 135 kts or 155 mph.

To converts nautical miles per hours (knots or kts) to miles per hour (mph), multiply the knots by 1.15.

The speed at which aircraft take-off and land is varied by weight, temperature, altitude and pressure.