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Legacy Cargo
Short & Long Haul
Airbus Fleet

How much fuel does a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet burn?

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Operation Description

Legacy, Cargo, Short & Long Haul, Europe based Airline.

Pilot Salary (Approx)

Captain Top: €250,000

Captain Base: €130,000

F/O Top: €185,000

F/O Base: €49,000


Current Fleet

Total: 111 (September 2021)

12 x B737-700
31 x B737-800
5 x B737-900
15 x B777-200ER
16 x B777-300ER
13 x B787-9
5 x B787-10
6 x A330-200
5 x A330-300

Cargo Fleet:

3 x B747-400ERF

Aircraft Orders

Total: 11 (September 2021)

11 x B787-10

KLM Headquarters. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. P.O. Box 7700. 1117 ZL Schiphol. The Netherlands, Netherlands 1118 CP, Europe
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