Logan Air

Low Cost

Logon Air Pilot Pay and Rosters

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Operation Description

Low Cost, Regional, Europe based Airline.

Pilot Salary (Approx)

Logan Air Captains can earn up to approximately £80,000 a year whilst First Officers can earn up to approximately £45,000 a year.

Current Fleet

Total: 41

4 x ATR 42-500
1 x ATR 42-600
2 x ATR 72-600
2 x Britten-Norman Islander
3 x DHC 6 Twin Otter
2 x E135
13 x E145
9 x Saab 340B

Cargo Fleet:

1 x ATR72-500F
2 x Saab 340AF
2 x Saab 340BF

Aircraft Orders

Total: 8

4 x ATR 42-500
4 x ATR 72-600
2 x Saab 340F

Lightyear Building, 9 Marchburn Drive Glasgow Airport, PA3 2SJ, Europe
Recruited Low Hour FOs
Diverse Route Network
Pilot Bases

Aberdeen, Chester, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Isle of Man, Londonderry, Newcastle, Norwich,

Pilot Rosters

Logan Air pilot receive a variable roster.

Current / Previous Recruitment

There are currently no vacancies.