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Air Caledonie ATR Rated First Officers & Captains

Air Caledonie are seeking applications for ATR Rated First Officers & Captains for their fleet of ATR72 aircraft based on New Caledonia. Info from Air Caledonia careers page.

The copilot sits on the right-hand side of the cockpit and forms the flight-deck tandem with the pilot.


BAC S – Preparatory Flight School – CPL + IFR + QT ATR Professional qualification. English is mandatory – candidates must be proficient in airline regulations and procedures.


1 to 2 years on ATR 72 – minimum of 1,500 regulatory hours.

In-depth health checks (mandatory) and flight-simulator training are carried out every two years.

If you wish to apply to Air Calédonie, please send a C.V. and cover letter by email to: [email protected]

Or a letter to:

Service du personnel
BP 212
98845 Nouméa Cedex
New Caledonia

If you need assistance with the application process in terms of producing a CV or Cover Letter then please visit our Pilot Career Hub or email the team at [email protected]