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Air France continue their recruitment campaign for Non-Rated First Officers (Pilot Officers of the Line).

Airline pilot is a very demanding job that requires a real passion for flying, enthusiasm and commitment, but also intellectual, psychological and physical skills. It also requires good practice of English . Above all responsible for passenger safety, the airline pilot is responsible for piloting, navigation, management of radio communications and technical surveillance of the aircraft.

Pilots are divided into two categories: Captain (CDB) and Line Pilot Officer (OPL). The Captain has authority over the entire crew and passengers. He / she makes all the necessary decisions, from preparation to the end of the flight. Its top priority is to ensure the safety and security of the flight. The Line Pilot Officer (or co-pilot) is second in the hierarchical order. The crew is always composed of a Captain and at least one Line Pilot Officer.

Several conditions must be met when applying:

  • Be the holder of the ATPL or a valid CPL/IRME.
  • Be the holder of the ATPL Theory issued by an ATO certified by a Member State of the European Union.
  • Have a valid “Class 1” medical certificate.
  • Nationality conditions, which you can view by clicking here
  • Be fluent in French.​ Non French Nationals must have FCL055 French Level 6.
  • Not having failed in training with Air France or Transavia
  • Not having postponed twice or more selection for PSY Air France

To be eligible for invitation to a selection day, you must:

  • Hold a certificate of satisfactory attendance for a multi-crew cooperation training course (MCC)
  • Provide proof that you are at Level 5 or above on the language proficiency system: valid FCL 055 / 055D.
  • Have a TOEIC Test score (LR = Listening and reading) of 850 or above, no older than 2 years at the time of selection.
  • From December 20, 2019, for pilots who do not hold a first QT CS 25, be in possession of an EASA Advanced UPRT training certificate.

The Selection Process:

These are completed in 4 stages:

  • Psycho-technical tests
  • Personality inventories
  • Group tests and interview
  • Flight simulator test

Applications are online.

To apply for this job please visit