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Coulson Aviation Australia B737 Rated Captains

Coulson Aviation Australia is seeking applications for FAA Licensed Flight Crew on their B737-300 fleet based in Richmond, NSW, Australia. Info from Coulson careers page. 

A six month contract position exists for suitably qualified personnel.  The positions may involve travel and deployment throughout Australia.  Personnel will be engaged in field operations and must be mobile and willing to stay in field camps.

Minimum qualifications for Flight Crew B737-300 (Pilot): 

1. A valid FAA Airline Transport Pilot License.
2. A Current Instrument Rating.
a. A minimum 1500 hours of pilot time on the B737-300 aircraft with 200 hours of pilot in command time and a type rating on the B737-300.
b. A minimum of 200 hours on Large Air Tankers conducting fire suppression activities.
c. Must have completed B737-300 simulator training within the past year.
3. Operations utilizing the Retardant Aerial Delivery System (RADS) of which 50 hours must be in the last 6 calendar months.
4. A minimum of 1000 hours total time in Aerial Application operations or similar.
5. Dangerous goods qualified.
6. Completed a course in Crew Resource Management and Human Factors for the conduct of Multi Crew Operations.

Salary is negotiable and will be consistent with the Air Pilots Award 2020 adjusted for the experience and additional skills the person possesses.

Please apply by the 19th of July 2021.

If you need assistance with the application process in terms of producing a CV or Cover Letter then please visit our Pilot Career Hub or email the team at [email protected]