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Danish Air Transport (DAT) are accepting unsolicited applications for the position of First Officer with no minimum hour requirements stated.

About DAT

Danish Air Transport, commonly known as DAT, is a Danish airline founded in 1989. They are a medium-sized company with approximately 340 employees across three countries and an annual turnover of almost 500 million DKK. Their headquarters is located in Vamdrup near Kolding, and they also have offices in Copenhagen.

Their 20 ATR, MD80 and Airbus aircraft provide scheduled services, charter flights and freight services. Since the very beginning, DAT have worked passionately to supply highly reliable and personal aviation services with the necessary flexibility when required. Or, to put it another way DAT fly on time and we keep our agreements.

Career opportunities with DAT

DAT pilots benefit from a challenging, developing and positive job. Our training levels and standards are high relative to other sector operators and we prefer to train our pilots in-house.

At DAT we are happy to take on unusual projects that make significant demands on our staff. As a DAT pilot there’s a good chance you’ll be sent on ad hoc assignments to remote locations. Amongst other destinations, our aircraft have visited Greenland, Canada, Beijing and Buthan as well as numerous locations across Africa.

Newly qualified DAT First Officers typically qualify as Commanders within four to five years.

DAT’s ambition is always for our First Officers to become Commanders, and we aim to recruit candidates with the requisite ambition and potential.


Loss of licence insurance
All DAT pilots are covered by our loss of license insurance which includes the following provisions:

  • As a Commander or First Officer you will receive a 750,000 DKK one-time pay-out should you lose your flight license permanently. This payment is intended to ensure that you can pay off any debts you may have incurred in connection with your training.
  • Commanders are also covered by regular loss of license payments of 50% of the individual Commander´s wages for up to five years. Should you remain unable to work after 5 years your general situation and work skills will be evaluated.

Pensions and financial advice
As an employer, it is important for us to ensure that our staff benefit from a good pension scheme. DAT is a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry, and we have opted to follow pension rates in the Danish job market generally. Out of a total pension contribution of 12% DAT pays 8%. Our pension scheme also includes health insurance and life insurance policies. DAT’s pension consultants will help guide you in your choice of pension so that your provision is tailored to your personal requirements.

DAT will meet all the costs of your land-line telephone and Internet connection at your home address, plus a mobile phone contract for all Commanders and First Officers of more than nine months seniority. We make a standard mobile phone available, and should you have any specific requirements as to your mobile phone we have a range of offers available.

ID Travel
DAT offers its employees and relative’s to purchase stand-by tickets from a wide range of airlines.

Cheap aircraft rental
DAT has an agreement with Climb2 in Vamdrup which allows employees to rent two planes for private flying, primarily to allow our pilots to achieve their PIC time required for a Command upgrade and maintain their single engine flight license.

DAT schedules

Flexibility is one of our core values. We cover destinations all round the world, and are not limited to specific fixed routes. As a DAT pilot your work will include scheduled services within Scandinavia, ad-hoc trips and fixed contract flights. As these schedules vary extensively DAT pilots do not work to a fixed work plan such as 5 – 3. Rather, DAT’s schedule is sent out on a weekly basis and covers the next three weeks work. We demand flexibility of our staff, and, of course this flexibility cuts both ways. We always do our best to ensure that our pilots can take their holidays