Corporate Flight Simulator Experiences

Corporate Flight Simulator Experiences

The ultimate team building and personal development tool

Flight Simulator Experiences

Bring your team to fly one of most advanced Boeing 737 flight simulators in the country under the tuition of a current commercial airline pilot. Whether you are looking for a leadership development task, team building exercise, or a just a rewarding day out, we are able to tailor a package to suit your requirements. We are able to cater for both small and large groups ranging from 2 to 12 people. Come an fly a state of the art Boeing 737 simulator. Normally reserved for pilot training, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience flying a seventy tonne Boeing 737-800 anywhere in the world! Based in Cambridge, UK, the 737NG HDX FNPT2 simulator offers one of the best visual effect systems of it’s type in the country. In many cases it exceeds the details of the full motion level D simulators. We have developed a number of scenarios that have been purposely designed to maximise the enjoyment of you and your team:

“The Challenge”

“The Challenge”, a highly immersive and demanding exercise which requires a high level of team co-ordination and excellent communication skills. A team of three people have two hours of flight planning time to learn how to operate the 737 and plan a route from Manchester to Heathrow. The team then proceeds to the simulator to fly the 737 on the route they have planned without any input from the instructor. Email us for a brochure about this task!

“Mayday Mayday”

A look into the causes of a number of infamous air crashes with an expert commercial pilot instructor. After a two hour presentation about how and why human factors are still the largest contributors to aircraft crashes, you head into the flight simulator to see how the crashes happened in real time and how they could have been avoided. You then take the controls to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a commercial airline pilot. We can tailor a specific package to suit your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friends at Virtual Aviation for more information.

“Crash Landing”

Not for the faint hearted! After a brief lesson on the basics of flying the Boeing 737, compete with your colleagues to see who can land in the toughest conditions! How about a night landing into Hong Kong in a thunderstorm!? Or hitting a flock of birds and loosing both engines… can you glide the plane safely to landing? Email us for a call back or quote at [email protected]