Airline And Airport Jobs – Ground Based

Airline And Airport Jobs – Ground Based

Flight Operations | Crew Control | Dispatcher Jobs

Jobs in the aviation industry for pilots who aren’t currently flying

We know how hard it is to get that first flying job. Whilst searching for that initial break with an airline, many people choose to apply for other jobs within the industry. We bring you the jobs which we believe may be of interest. Be sure to visit our “Non-Flying Job Options” in our Low Hour Pilot section for an overview of their benefits.

 There is a growing trend of airlines recruiting from internal positions to the flight deck. For example, dispatchers, cabin crew, operations controller roles are all good positions to get noticed and meet the people who could help find your first flying job. Some airlines also like you to have an understanding of the various departments within an airline, the Jet2 Pilot Apprentice scheme is a good example of this.

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