Recency Simulator Price Comparison

Simulator Price Comparison for Maintaining Recency

A list of companies offering pilots simulator practice

Price Comparison of Flight Simulators for Pilots Looking to Maintain Recency

An unprecedented 2020 bought a temporary halt to many aviation careers with thousands of pilots finding themselves out of work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As flight crew, maintaining an acceptable standard of our perishable skills set is vital to ensuring our career continuity.

To support pilots wishing to maintain some exposure to the operating environment and practice CRM, manual flying and SOP application, we’ve compiled a list of companies who are offering use of their simulators for recency/currency purposes.

The prices were correct at the time of writing but may since have been updated. Any enquiries regarding the service offered should be directed at the company in question.

FFS – Full Flight Simulator

FBS – Fixed Based Simulator

Dry Hire – No instructor provided (instructor may be available at an additional cost)

MotionFBS 737NG, Dry HireGatwick£60 P/H
Virtual AerospaceFBS 737-800, Dry HireNorthampton, Shoreham£110.00 P/H
Virtual AviationFBS 737NG / A320, Dry HireCambridge£120 P/H
AlphaTechFBS A320, Dry HireBelfast & Vienna£144 P/H
SimTech Aviation
FBS B737-800Dublin€300 P/H
B737MAXGloucestershire Airport£300 P/H +VAT
Virtual Aerospace
FFS 737-800 / A320Gatwick£499.99 P/H
MotionFBS 737NG, Dry Hire£60 P/HGatwick
Virtual AerospaceFBS 737-800, Dry Hire£110.00 P/HNorthampton, Shoreham
Virtual AviationFBS 737NG / A320, Dry Hire£120 P/HCambridge
AlphaTechFBS A320, Dry Hire£144 P/HBelfast & Vienna
SimTech Aviation
FBS B737-800€300 P/HDublin
B737MAX£300 P/H +VATGloucestershire Airport
Virtual Aerospace
FFS 737-800 / A320£499.99 P/HGatwick

Simulator Training

Simulator Training

A range of high quality simulator training packages at affordable prices

Simulator Assessment Preparation

Prepare for your simulator assessment

Simulator Training Courses

Simulator Price Comparison
Boeing 737 Pilot Simulator Assessment Guide
The Jet Orientation Course

Corporate Simulator Experiences

APS Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC)

APS Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC)

Maximise your potential and ensure you are ready for your first airline job

APS Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC)

Location: Cambridge Airport, UK

Simulator Type: Either B737NG or A320

Duration: 3 Weeks

Price: £6,900 (further discount available)

Book your VA Airline Training ‘Airline Ready’ APS MCC through FDF and get £250 off your booking, or if you book as a pair, an additional £300 off EACH.

To receive your discount, quote the code ‘FDFAPS1021‘ when making the booking with VA Airline Training.

APS MCC Discount

VA Airline Training’s ‘Airline Ready’ APS MCC is priced at £6,900, including VAT. customers can receive £250 off if they book individually and an additional £300 (each) if booked as a pair.


It is critical that student pilots don’t under estimate the importance of the MCC & JOC phases of flight training when it comes to employability. The quality of the training given and the fidelity of the simulator device on which it’s completed will affect your employment prospects, so don’t make the mistake of shopping on price alone!

We want to ensure that when you have completed your training with our training partners, you have ALL the necessary skills to secure an airline interview, pass the selection process and then perform to a high standard on the type rating.

We believe that the level of pilot training you receive at this stage in your career can make a real difference to your employability when seeking your first commercial airline job. VA Airline Training have therefore designed this state-of-the-art course to ensure that the student is left with a thorough understanding of multi crew airline operations coupled with the jet handling skills required to commence an airline type rating.

What’s Included?

  • 30 hours (5 days) of Theoretical Knowledge Instruction, including Airline Oriented Training

  • 20 hours of briefing and de-briefing before and after simulator training sessions

  • 40 hours (10 days) of type-specific flight simulator training, with pass/fail Final Assessment

  • Online access to all training materials and manuals, including digital flight deck posters

  • Use of self-study facilities, including FMC trainers and full-size flight deck mock-ups

  • SOPs handbook for you to keep

  • Competency Assurance

Pass Rate

VA’s APS MCC graduates are achieving an impressive pass rate of over 85% at their first airline assessment, which compares favourably with the industry average pass rate of 45-50% for pilots who have completed an MCC/JOC course.

Course Dates

VA Airline Training have ongoing course dates commencing weekly. Please call us to book your place.

Entry Requirements

You will need to hold a current CPL with Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine experience (ME/IR) or the Skills Test pass certificates if awaiting licence issue.

Reasons to choose VA Airline Training ‘Airline Ready’ APS MCC

We know there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to APS MCC and JOC courses, but it’s vital that your introduction to a multi crew environment and commercial jet operations be to the highest possible standard. Here are a few reasons to choose the VA Airline Training ‘Airline Ready’ APS MCC course:

  • One of the most advanced simulators of its type in the United Kingdom
  • A course that has been purpose written to ensure that is based on the most up to date airline practices and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Genuine Boeing flight dynamics package ensuring the aircraft feels almost identical to the real thing
  • Instructors with extensive operational and instructional experience coupled with the enthusiasm required to ensure you get the best out of your training
  • Developing the multi crew skills required for modern commercial airline operations whilst becoming familiar with a high performance jet aircraft – the most popular commercial aircraft in history

Jet Orientation Course (JOC)

Jet Orientation Course

A JOC specifically designed to ensure you are well prepared for your first flying job

FDF’s Jet Orientation Course (JOC)

In conjunction with our flight training partners, we are pleased to offer a Jet Orientation Course (JOC) of the highest quality, specifically designed for modern day commercial airline operations. It has been developed to help you get your first airline job with the course culminating in an airline assessment style simulator check for an airline of your choice.

All training is completed by current, hand picked commercial airline pilots on hand to provide expert tuition and advice. Our Jet Orientation Course is completed on a state of the art Boeing 737NG simulator (the worlds most popular commercial aircraft). The training is completed close to London Stansted Airport in the UK. You will receive a high level of personal attention with a maximum of two students per instructor.

This intensive Jet Orientation Course is completed over a two day period, consisting of 8 hours ground school and 8 hours in the simulator. We are able to bring you this for a highly competitive price, please call or email for the details.

The course syllabus has been designed to ensure that on completion you are confident with advanced jet aircraft handling techniques and are well prepared for an airline simulator assessment check. The course comprises of the following modules:

We can help arrange discounted accommodation within walking distance of the training facility for approximately £50 a night.

We run Jet Orientation Courses on a weekly basis, please contact us for specific dates. Our flight training team is ready to assist in any way we can. To make an enquiry or booking, request a call back from our flight training manager:

Email: [email protected]

Alternatively you can request call back from one of our team using the form below:

Send us mail

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Pilot Simulator Assessment Preparation

Airline Pilot Simulator Assessment Preparation

Prepare for an upcoming simulator assessment

Simulator Assessment Preparation

Through our expertise and knowledge of airline simulator assessments, we have helped over one hundred pilots get their dream job in over more than 7 years!

We offer tailored simulator assessment preparation and flight experience sessions on a comprehensive range of full motion and fixed based simulators located around the United Kingdom. This includes the Boeing 737 / 757 / 767 / 747 / 777 / 787 and Airbus A320 / A330 / A340 / A380. Our flight training partners are a UK CAA approved ATO. From the first phone call to leaving the training center fully prepared, you can expect a highly professional and bespoke service geared towards ensuring you pass your airline sim check.

The most cost effective simulator is a certified fixed base 737-800 (Next Generation) and is located approximately 30 minutes from London Stansted Airport. It boasts the best visual modelling in the UK and beats the visuals installed on most full motion simulators. It also uses the Boeing Flight Dyanamics software, ensuring that the aircraft handles exactly like the real thing. Don’t settle for a generic simulator which can provide negative training, as it handles nothing like the real aircraft.

It provides a great opportunity to properly prepare for your Ryanair / Jet2 / Fly Dubai / easyJet / Sun Express simulator assessment – or any other assessment which takes place on one of our simulators.

Every week we see our customers getting their dream job:

All of our assessment preparation sessions are run by experienced airline pilots who have a comprehensive knowledge of the airline simulator selection procedures. They are run on a one to one basis, ensuring you get the full attention of the instructor from the duration of the booking.

We also cater for people just who want to brush up on their manual handling, or maybe you are considering a job in commercial aviation and just want to experience flying a commercial jet.

All sessions include a full 1 hour briefing specific to the airline to which you attending the assessment and a 30 minute debriefing plus the time stated in the simulator. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Prices below are for the Cambridge fixed based simulator, for a quote regarding a specific aircraft full motion simulator, please contact us.

Email [email protected] to make an enquiry or request a call back from one of our flight training managers.

Before booking with a company offering a cheaper product, ask them the following questions:

Many simulators are just generic flight models with working panels and a projector that are based on nothing more than “jazzed up” version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is counter productive as it handles nothing like the real simulator will. Our simulator is certified to conduct pilot training in it which is testament to its realism.

You can only teach someone how to fly the aircraft properly if you have extensive experience in operating the aircraft – not in the simulator but in real life! Lots of simulator ‘training’ companies are run by enthusiasts who have never operated a commercial aircraft.

Our flight training partners Virtual Aviation are approved to conduct Multi Crew Cooperation Courses (MCC). You can therefore expect to receive a very high standard.

Our flight training partners have just that. The knowledge and experience gained over this time is invaluable. No other company can compare to the quality of service, advice and knowledge that will be imparted.

Don’t just take our word for it, this is a small selection of our customer reviews for our simulator assessment preparation service:

Without a doubt, the instruction and knowledge that was passed onto me was invaluable in helping me pass the sim session on the day, I am very grateful to you and your team

I got the job! Thank you so much for your help.

It was a great help to spend two hours in the simulator before my assessment. My instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable, and was able to give me excellent advice and instruction during my session. My simulator assessment went very smoothly so I am very glad I took the opportunity to practice before hand.

I was extremely impressed with the service I received from my first enquiring phone call through to both my sims. Both instructors were extremely helpful and very approachable. They made me feel relaxed in the sim and I thoroughly enjoyed both sessions and benefited a lot from them. Being able to contact the instructor before the sim session is also very helpful. The office staff were extremely friendly and made you feel very welcome. I felt like I was receiving the service I paid for and more! Thank you and I will inform you soon of the result of my interview!

Thank you for accommodating me on short notice! Please send my best regards to the pilot. He gave me excellent advice and most importantly I got the job!

My instructor was excellent. It was great preparation for my airline assessment. My expectations were exceeded and I’d highly recommend it.

Flight Simulator Experiences

Flight Simulator Experiences

Fly a multi million-pound flight simulator with a commercial airline pilot

Flight Simulator Experiences

Come and take the controls of one of the most advanced flight simulators in Europe with an experienced airline pilot to guide you through the flight.

We offer flight simulator experiences on our state of the art Boeing 737 Next Generation simulator. Normally reserved for airline pilot training, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience flying a seventy tonne Boeing 737-800 anywhere in the world!

Based at Cambridge Airport (near London Stansted Airport) the 737NG HDX FNPT2 simulator offers one of the best visual effects systems of its type. You’ll take control with an experienced airline pilot sitting next to you, talking you through the session. Our instructors are hand picked for their flying experience, piloting capabilities and friendly and approchable personalities.

Whether you would like to experience a landing at Hong Kong, or a take off at night at Heathrow, the session can be tailored to suit your requirements. You can even push the aircraft to its limits, attempting manoeuvres that shouldn’t be tried in real life!

When you arrive you’ll be greeted by a friendly and professional team of staff for some light refreshments before heading to the briefing room for a 30 minute discussion on operating the 737. This is your chance to ask any questions you like about flying or the aircraft. Once you’ve covered the basics, you will head “airside” into the 1.3 million pound simulator.

It makes a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift, or can be used by current pilots to brush up on their manual handling skills. You are welcome to come and view the simulator and see it in action before making the booking.

All sessions include a 30 minute pre-flight briefing. Prices are inclusive of VAT.

To make an enquiry or booking, contact [email protected] with a contact number and we’ll call you back.

Corporate Flight Simulator Experiences

Corporate Flight Simulator Experiences

The ultimate team building and personal development tool

Flight Simulator Experiences

Bring your team to fly one of most advanced Boeing 737 flight simulators in the country under the tuition of a current commercial airline pilot. Whether you are looking for a leadership development task, team building exercise, or a just a rewarding day out, we are able to tailor a package to suit your requirements. We are able to cater for both small and large groups ranging from 2 to 12 people. Come an fly a state of the art Boeing 737 simulator. Normally reserved for pilot training, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience flying a seventy tonne Boeing 737-800 anywhere in the world! Based in Cambridge, UK, the 737NG HDX FNPT2 simulator offers one of the best visual effect systems of it’s type in the country. In many cases it exceeds the details of the full motion level D simulators. We have developed a number of scenarios that have been purposely designed to maximise the enjoyment of you and your team:

“The Challenge”

“The Challenge”, a highly immersive and demanding exercise which requires a high level of team co-ordination and excellent communication skills. A team of three people have two hours of flight planning time to learn how to operate the 737 and plan a route from Manchester to Heathrow. The team then proceeds to the simulator to fly the 737 on the route they have planned without any input from the instructor. Email us for a brochure about this task!

“Mayday Mayday”

A look into the causes of a number of infamous air crashes with an expert commercial pilot instructor. After a two hour presentation about how and why human factors are still the largest contributors to aircraft crashes, you head into the flight simulator to see how the crashes happened in real time and how they could have been avoided. You then take the controls to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a commercial airline pilot. We can tailor a specific package to suit your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friends at Virtual Aviation for more information.

“Crash Landing”

Not for the faint hearted! After a brief lesson on the basics of flying the Boeing 737, compete with your colleagues to see who can land in the toughest conditions! How about a night landing into Hong Kong in a thunderstorm!? Or hitting a flock of birds and loosing both engines… can you glide the plane safely to landing? Email us for a call back or quote at [email protected]