CargoLux Pilot Recruitment

cargolux China Non-Rated First Officers

cargolux China

New startup carrier cargolux China is recruiting non-rated First Officers for commuting positions.

See our cargolux China recruitment directory page for more info regarding rostering and salary.

Minimum Requirements:

  • The Cargolux group pursues the highest standards and looks for pilots who passionately embrace them
  • A minimum of 2000 hours total flying time including:
    a) A minimum of 1500 hours on multi-pilot turbo-jet aeroplane certificated to the standards of CS-25/FAR-25 or equivalent


    b) A minimum of 1500 hours on a multi-pilot turbo-prop aeroplane having a maximum certificated take-off mass of not less than 10000 kg or a certificated passenger seating configuration of more than 19 passengers

  • Above average flying abilities
  • Impeccable safety standards
  • ATPL acceptable to the CAAC
  • English proficiency level 4 or higher
  • Ability to obtain the visas and permits required to work and travel as a Cargolux China employee

Applications are online.