Mike Langley Foundation Launched

The Kura Aviation board have launched the Mike Langley foundation. It aims to support aspiring pilots who don’t have the financial means to complete their flight training.

“The Mike Langley Foundation is a charitable trust that aims to help those with a dream to become a commercial airline pilot, those with the passion to succeed but without the financial means. Through funding initiatives and scholarships, we aim to widen access to the aviation profession.

The Foundation was launched by Kura Aviation, the industry’s first Community Interest Company, of which Mike was a consultant and Chair of the Advisory Board.

Mike’s dream was to fly, and he achieved it. His ambition was to provide the very best flight training to pilots and airlines across the globe, and he succeeded. He was determined to make to make a difference and through experience and wisdom, he certainly did that. The extraordinary level of respect he gained in doing has resulted in the aviation industry coming together and creating The Mike Langley Foundation.

Mike’s view was that it was never too late to make a difference. So true to those words, let us work together and create a new chapter in aviation training.”

Check out their website: https://mikelangleyfoundation.org/
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