Air Greenland Ab-Initio Pilot Programme

Air Greenland’s pilots plan and carry out scheduled flights and charter flights.

It’s a job where meticulous care has great importance for passengers and crew alike. Manuals and checklists are everyday working tools. As a pilot you shouldn’t expect a nine-to-five job; work may be required at any hour of the day.


  • Training lasts around 1½ years and consists of both theory and practical flying in an integrated course
  • Training takes place at a selected flying school abroad
  • Training is split into several stages, with each stage being concluded by the attainment of different certificates
  • Both instruction and tests consist of theoretical subjects, practical flying and simulator flying

The pilot acquires a commercial pilot’s licence, which on employment as a First Officer is supplemented by type training and licence.

Qualifications and requirements

  • Upper secondary exam with English and mathematics at B-level with grades averaging at least 7 in every subject
  • Alternatively you must have at least Higher Preparatory Examination Course single subject exam in Danish and have English and maths at B-level with at least a grade of 7 in every subject
  • You must have good language skills and preferably speak both Greenlandic and Danish
  • You must be resident in Greenland and be eligible to receive an educational grant from the Government of Greenland

Send your application and CV in Danish by 1 March at the latest to

The Greenlandic House in Copenhagen
Løvstræde 6
Post box 1042
DK-1007 Copenhagen K.

If your application is successful and you are no older than 35 years of age on commencement of training, you must then

  • pass a mandatory entrance examination that assesses intelligence, psychomotor skills and psychological aspects,
  •  in addition to which you must pass a satisfactory medical examination in order to obtain a commercial pilot’s licence

We offer

Possible employment as First Officer following successful completion of training in accordance with Air Greenland’s needs. Good opportunities for in-service training and further training for the position of pilot on Air Greenland’s different types of aircraft. Opportunities for further training for the position of Commander following solid experience as First Officer.

Further information

Contact Air Greenland’s Training Center on +299 34 34 34 or send us an email.

Last Recruitment: March 2018
Recruitment anticipated: Unknown
Status: Closed

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