STARLUX Cadet Pilot Program

Cadet Pilot Program
Seeking pilots-to-be who are passionate about flying
At STARLUX, we focus not only on the skills and knowledge a pilot has, we are looking for team players who also have leadership qualities.
Aviation safety is the cornerstone of the trust our passengers place in us. Aviation safety is not only an external requirement, it must be instilled in each pilot to become an internal instinct. Thus, we train our cadets to the highest standards.
Our cadets will be trained in the United States or Australia for approximately one year prior to receiving their Commercial Pilot License, followed by six months of airplane conversion training. All tuition and living expenses during training will be accommodated by STARLUX. Upon completion of all necessary courses and certifications, you will officially become a commercial pilot, well on the way to achieving your dream of flying.
Minimum Application Requirements
  • Citizen of R.O.C. Taiwan (with a valid National Identification Card).
  • Education: Associate’s degree or above (foreign degrees must be authenticated by the ROC Embassy, Consulate, and Representative Office).
  • Hold a valid certificate of proficiency in English:
    1. TOEIC: 750 or above (listening: 400) & 140 or above in speaking and writing.
    2. BULATS/ Linguaskill B2 or above in listening, reading, speaking and writing.
    3. TOEFL iBT: 80 or above (listening: 21).
    4. IELTS: 5.5 or above.
  • Be physically fit and qualified for a Civil Aviation Authority Class One Medical Certificate.
  • One reference contact information.
Documents for Application
  • National identification card.
  • Degree of highest education. For current students, please provide student card.
  • A valid certificate of proficiency in English.
  • Certificate of discharge or military service status issued by the Ministry of Defense.
  • Flight logbook (if you have any flight hours).
  • Application period:From 2020/10/1 until 2020/12/31 23:59 PM.
  • Application for the cadet pilot program may be submitted between October and December of each year; the actual date is subject to company needs. Please have the following documents ready if you wish to participate in STARLUX Cadet Program.
  • Graduating students and discharging military personnel may participate in the admission process. Graduation diploma and military discharge papers must be obtained prior to the commencement of training, or admittance to the cadet program will be revoked.
  • All stages of the admission process must be performed to STARLUX’s satisfaction in order to be admitted into the cadet pilot program.
  • Admitted individuals shall sign a training contract with STARLUX to obtain the status of a cadet pilot.
  • All STARLUX and training school rules must be followed during the training process.
Last Recruitment: New program
Recruitment anticipated: Open now. Closes 31st December 2020

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