Rolls-Royce at risk of further charges after glitches with Trent engine  

Rolls-Royce faced the prospect of more charges as a result of the engines used to power Dreamliner aircraft, after two carriers revealed they had to ground aircraft due to faulty turbines.

A source close to the project to replace turbine blades on affected aircraft explained that a lack of spare turbines meant that aircraft were being grounded for longer than they should, which could result in additional charges.

Rolls-Royce said that the new engine had been re-designed and should not suffer the same issues. It is possible that holidays and flights over the Christmas period could be at threat for airlines with Dreamliner aircraft in their fleet, including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic unless they have sufficient spare aircraft or have the opportunity to quickly arrange wet leases, it is thought Dreamliner aircraft with the affected engines could be grounded long term due to engine production already at maximum capacity. 

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