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Thomas Cook pilots 12-hour strike over pay dispute 

Pilots with Thomas Cook UK are planning a 12-hour strike over a pay dispute.

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) has authorised a strike in Thomas Cook Airlines following a ballot in which 91% of pilots voted to take action in a dispute over their 2017 pay negotiations. The turnout in the ballot was 88%.

The dispute follows nearly eight months of negotiations over a pay rise that was due in April.

Thomas Cook has offered a 1.5% rise and BALPA has asked for at least inflation plus catching up with other comparable airlines and better travel facilities for pilots.

The strike action is planned to take place on 8th September and will affect Thomas Cook UK operations.

BALPA General Secretary, Brian Strutton, said:

“Disrupting people’s travel plans is the last thing pilots want to do and we very much regret taking this step. However, our members are frustrated that after many months of negotiations we still do not have a decent pay offer on the table and they have said loud and clear ‘enough is enough’.

“That is why BALPA has authorised a strike to take place on 8th September. In the meantime I will continue trying to negotiate with Thomas Cook to achieve an outcome that will be acceptable to pilots.”

Both parties have been engaging with ACAS since the strike was announced around two weeks ago, but there seems to have been little progress.

Thomas Cook have stated they plan to operate all flights, albeit with some changes to their scheduled departure and arrival times.

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