What it is like to be a passenger on Qantas’ new London to Perth flight?

The Independent and MailOnline both publish first-hand stories from journalists who travelled on Qantas’ inauguaral flight between Heathrow and Perth this week.

The MailOnline reporter describes feeling remarkably fresh, with anti-jetlag meals, and cabin crew refilling water bottles throughout the flight. 

The Independent notes that it is an expensive operation as the airline has to use considerable amounts of fuel to carry all the fuel it needs for the 17 hour journey, with the length of the journey also meaning there must be a four pilots and two additional cabin crew on board.

The reporter suggests that Gulf competitors will be watching the load levels carefully, although flights via the Middle East take four hours longer, they account for two thirds of the traffic between the UK and Perth. Qantas’ one daily flight accounts for fewer than 500 passengers a day across both directions. 

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