Airlines must be forced to be fair on fuel surcharges 

The Conservative MP for Lichfield in Staffordshire in the UK, Michael Fabricant is calling for airlines to reduce their fuel surcharges. 

He argues that they were introduced to combat high oil prices, and are now a relic of an energy market that no longer exists. 

He says two years ago the price of oil plummeted under $50 a barrel and has remained there ever since. He notes that a £528 return flight to New York from London with Lufthansa incurs a surcharge of £183, or 35 per cent of the fare. 

Meanwhile the fuel surcharge makes up £364 of a £1,380 flight from London to Sydney with Emirates. He adds that these fees are not always obvious and in some cases are deliberately camouflaged under terms such as a “carrier charge”

Mr Fabricant states that in Japan fuel surcharges have long been heavily regulated; a model that he says the UK Government ought to emulate.  

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