Cargo hub is latest attempt to get Manston airfield off the ground 

The latest attempt to turn the former Battle of Britain airfield of Manston into a sustainable commercial proposition could take off this autumn. 

Plans to turn Manston back into a passenger and freight airport are due to be submitted this autumn after a consultation programme this summer. 

Reports state the odds of Manston getting off the ground appear to be against it, if history is any guide. 

The airfield on the Isle of Thanet, at the most easterly point of Kent near Ramsgate, has at times been branded Kent International and London’s sixth airport. 

However, over the years during which ministers have identified it as a potential solution to the congested southeastern aviation network, services from airlines like KLM and Flybe have begun and then closed.

But now, there is rumours of a £300 million development plan for stands for freighters and passenger aircraft as well as associated airport infrastructure. 

The business plan cites the potential to divert airfreight from Heathrow and Gatwick which are effectively closed to new take-off and landing slots.

It could also bring goods direct into the UK rather than have them land at continental airports and then be transported via ferry or the Channel tunnel.

We will post more info if and when plans are confirmed. Watch this space.

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