Legacy Flag Carrier Cargo
Long Haul
Middle East
Airbus Fleet

Emirates Pilot Recruitment

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Operation Description

Legacy, Flag Carrier, Cargo, Long Haul, Middle East based Airline.

Pilot Salary (Approx)

Captain Top: $186,000 + Approx $20,400 flight pay + housing allowance + schooling allowance

First Officer Top: $120,000 + $15,120 flight pay + housing allowance + schooling allowance

Current Fleet

119 x A380-800
10 x B777-200LR
124 x B777-300ER

Aircraft Orders

50 x A350-900
3 x A380-800
115 x B777X
30 x B787-9

Sheikh Zayed Road 686. Dubai UAE, United Arab Emirates, Middle East
Recruited DECs
Previously Run a Cadet Program
Quick Command
Well Paid
Diverse Route Network
Pilot Bases

Dubai, UAE

Pilot Rosters

Random roster