European Aviation tourists warned to expect even longer queues 

British Airways and easyJet have started texting passengers to warn them to expect long queues as European airports prepare for their busiest days of the summer.

Thousands of tourists have been told to expect delays of up to four hours in passport queues at airports after new rules were introduced following the recent terror attacks.

The European regulation, that came into effect on April 7, requires every passport to be checked when arriving and leaving the Schengen Area comprising most EU countries, which excludes the UK and Ireland.

 Dünhaupt, from industry body Airlines For Europe, which has called for passport control points to be properly staffed, said: “With the busiest summer travel days ahead we fear even longer queues, especially at airports in Majorca with nearly 200,000 passengers arriving and leaving on one day the situation can be tense. Passengers should try to be at the airport earlier.”

We reported this around 10 days ago, unfortunately it appears there has been no improvement.

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