Air Atlanta B747 Rated First Officers and Captains – Hold pool

Open vacancies for First Officers and Captains on Boeing 747-400

Airborne Personnel ltd. on behalf of their client, Air Atlanta Icelandic are accepting applications for open pilot positions. ***They’re currently not recruiting, but expecting recruitment to re-commence shortly***

There is limited info on requirements just stating the following:

On behalf of our client, Air Atlanta Icelandic, we are currently accepting open applications for Boeing 747-400 Type Rated crews.


• Valid Class 1 Medical

• ICAO English Language level 5 or higher

• Valid EU Passport

Currently recruitment has been placed on hold for this opportunity due to the global impact of Covid-19. We expect recruitment to resume and are still collecting applications.

All successfull applicants must convert their license to Icelandic license.

***For info only, below is previous requirements stated. We expect this is probably what they’re looking for, except the previous campaign also included non-rated applicants. This campaign is only for rated 747 pilots.

Minimum Requirements:

  1.  Commanders:
    Total of 6000 hours of which a minimum of 4500 hours must have been on medium to heavy turbo jet aircraft – or – Total of 5000 hours of which a minimum of 4500 hours must have been on medium to heavy turbo jet aircraft, including 1500 hours as Commander.
  2. First Officers:
    A minimum of 500 hours on Multi Crew Aircraft with MTOW not less than 10 tonnes or with an approved passenger seating configuration of more than 19 passengers.

Specialising in Contract ACMI Operations – utilizing Passenger and All-Cargo Configured Boeing B747s, and a passenger Airbus A340. Do a lot of ACMI flying for Saudia.

*ACMI Operator – with temporary bases wherever the contract work is located. Worldwide. A340 based in FMMI – Ivato International Airport / Antananarivo MADAGASCAR. Other bases are OEJN – Jeddah International Airport / Jeddah SAUDI ARABIA & UUEE – Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport / Moscow RUSSIA

Applications are online.