Compass Airlines Non-Rated First Officers

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Compass Airlines

Compass Airlines are recruiting non-rated First Officers for their E-Jet fleet.

Minimum Requirements:

 Have the total time listed in 14 CFR 61.159 (a)-(c), Aeronautical experience: Airplane
Category Rating, necessary for issuance of an
Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.  OR Have
the Total Pilot Time listed in 14CFR 61.160 (a), (b) or (c) for issuance of a
Restricted Privileges Airline Transport Pilot Certificate,​

•   Possess Federal Communications Commission Restricted Radio Telephone Operator Permit,

•   Minimum education of a High School Diploma or equivalent,​ but a College Degree is

•   Have a valid Passport or the ability to obtain one prior to employment,

•   Be 21 years of age or older and legally authorized to work in U.S.,

•   Have passed the ATP Written which was valid on their date of hire (exceptions are made for
those individuals whose written test
expired while serving in the Armed Forces outside the

Additionally, all applicants for a pilot position must satisfactorily complete the current screening and interview process.  This process will evaluate:
•   Technical Competence & Skills
•   Aviation Experience​​
•   Credentials & Licenses
•   Interpersonal Skills
•   Acceptable Security Background Check
•   English Language fluency​​

Applicable Restricted ATP minimums as follows:
If 1,250​ hours of total flight time

•   At least 21 years old
•   30 credit hours of aviation- related coursework from a R-ATP approved school or an
associated degree from an approved institution
•   200 hours of cross country
•   100 hours of night time
•   50 hours of multi- engine time

If 1,000 hours of total flight time
•   At least 21 years old
•   60 credit hours of aviation- related coursework from a R-ATP approved school
•   Associated degree from an approved institution
•   100 hours of night time
•   25 hours of multi- engine time (50 hours preferred)

If 750 hours of total time
•   Military flight experience​

Compass first year, First Officer pay is the highest in the regional airline industry, at $41.51 per flight hour.  Additionally, Compass employees have the opportunity to earn up to $10,000 for each successful pilot they refer to the company.

New hire pilots are eligible for a $17,500 signing bonus, paid out per the following schedule:

$7,500 after the completion of IOE

$2,500 after 9 months of employment

$7,500 after 12 months of employment


Compass offers commuting pilots four paid hotel stays per month.


Pilots hired at Compass receive a PIC EMB1 70/190 type rating upon completion of initial training.  Other benefits include:
•   Medical, Dental & Life Insurance
•   401(K)
•   Paid Vacation
•   Travel benefits
•   Jumpseat privileges

  •   Paid training and complimentary  accommodations during training
    •   ATP-CTP course provided for qualified candidates
  • Four paid hotel stays per month for commuting pilots

Applications are online.