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Loganair are still accepting applications for Captains and First Officers with enjoyable flying from attractive regional UK bases. You do not need to be type rated and they will prioritise Flybe pilots.

Loganair offers truly unique flying opportunities throughout a diverse route network ranging from regular business commuter links between Scotland, England and Europe to important links between the UK mainland and the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

The Loganair fleet Currently consists of over 40 aircraft – namely the Embraer 135/145, Saab 2000, Saab 340, Twin Otter and Islanders. From September 2019, we will be introducing the ATR to our fleet with a view to replace the Saab 2000 and eventually the Saab 340.

We have today announced that we will be adding several aircraft and routes to Loganair’s operation over the coming weeks. These will be aircraft of types presently operated by Loganair and the expansion will take place exclusively at existing Loganair bases in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle.

Our objective is to ensure that, despite this expansion, we do not add unwelcome or unwieldy complexity to our business. Although there are undoubtedly some viable opportunities at other airports formerly served by Flybe that we shall thus have to forego, we believe that it is essential to the future success and sustainability of Loganair that our programme of expansion is firmly within our operational and financial means.

We will be recruiting for the following bases and fleets:


Aberdeen – Captains & First Officers – ATR72 or Embraer 135/145

Edinburgh – Captains & First Officers – ATR72 or Embraer 135/145

Glasgow – Captains & First Officers – ATR72

Newcastle – Captains & First Officers – Embraer 135/145

In addition, we have a small number of vacancies arising from the routine course of business on our Saab 340 freighter fleet for Captains at East Midlands; on our Saab 340 fleet for Captains at Aberdeen; and on our DHC6 Twin Otter fleet for Captains at Glasgow.

For Direct Entry Captain vacancies, we are seeking 3,000 hrs TT including a minimum of 500 hours P1 time. For First Officer vacancies, a current ATPL with valid Class 1 Medical with 250 hours is the minimum requirement; for F/Os with greater experience levels, we do have a Senior First Officer programme which is accessible within Loganair. We welcome pilots with a broad range of experience and will not focus our recruitment exclusively on low-hour pilots.

Loganair’s training programme does not contain provisions for pilots holding MPL licences, and so at this time, we regret that we are unable to consider applications from MPL holders.

If you hold a valid type-rating on an aircraft type relevant to Loganair (ATR, Embraer 135/145, Saab 340 or DHC6 Twin Otter), even if you are no longer current on type, please do clearly flag this up as part of your application. Although we appreciate these are different types to those operated by Flybe, using an existing type rating if you hold one will enable you to resume flying as quickly as possible. Where a new type rating is required, this will be funded by Loganair but with a paper bond of up to three years.

Flying patterns vary across the bases, although a common feature is that weekends are generally quieter than weekdays in the Loganair operation. There are some away-from-base nightstops within the roster pattern, with Aberdeen-based ATR crews night-stopping Kirkwall, and Glasgow-based ATR crews will have a Southampton nightstop, but these are generally two-day patterns rather than prolonged touring. Some out-of-base flying can be rostered or form part of standby call-outs to cover operational needs such as leave or sickness at other bases.

All applicants must hold a valid EASA licence. a class 1 medical, have the right to live and work in the UK and be eligible for an airside ID.

An excellent package is on offer and will be tailored to meet the experience and skills of the applicant. Applications should be sent by email.

to: recruitment@loganair.co.uk

Applications are via email with CV. If you’re a former Flybe pilot please use –