Pionair BAe146 Rated Captains & First Officers

Pionair BAe146 Rated Captains & First Officers

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Pionair People are the strength behind our brand. We thrive on the challenge of short notice, unusual loads, and delivering above and beyond customer expectations. Where our competitors often say no, Pionair People make it happen. Our team of Pionair People are experienced, often with a rich career of experience behind them. Pionair has a policy of recognising internal merit, and promoting from within. Pionair is an equal opportunity employer.

“Our Bankstown Airport Headquarters is open plan, we have no closed doors. We pride ourselves on collaboration, and the next big idea can come from our newest arrival! My Executive Team & I are always approachable and available and would love to help you grow in your role, to grow our company!” – S. Ferris, Chairman

“Unlike our larger competitors, when you join Pionair, your role will be diverse, and multi-hatted. Prepare to be a large cog in a small wheel, rather than a small cog in a large wheel” – B. Esplin, CEO.

Pionair is expanding our BAe146 fleet, and requires personnel who are currently rated on the BAe146 to join our team, based in Cairns & Adelaide. We are currently hiring for both Full Time, as well as Casual roles. There is no minimum requirements other than a rating specified.

To apply for this job please visit www.pionair.com.au.