Ravenair P1 & P2 pilots – low hours accepted including FI’s

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Ravenair with their base in Liverpool, UK are recruiting pilots for their MEP and SET fleets.

AOC & Aerial Survey Operations (Pilots P1/P2 and System Operators)

We currently have vacancies for Direct Entry Captains for AOC/PART-SPO-Survey Work on our MEP fleet.

Our requirements are EASA CPL/IR and MEP rating with at least 300 hours Total Time.

Many of our flights operate with two pilots in the cockpit to assist workload and lookout in busy airspace. The Co-Pilot must have a minimum of a CPL/IR and MEP rating. The majority of our Co-Pilots become Captains on AOC and Survey Operations.

These are salaried positions plus expenses, rating and medical renewals included. You must have the right to reside and work in the UK. You must also meet the English Language Proficency requirements (Level 6).

We operate throughout the UK and Europe with periods away from base.

Please submit a CV, see below and annotate MEP in the email subject line.

Single Engine Turbine (SET) PIC – PART-CAT & PART-NCO TBM900 & PC12/47E

We are seeking Captains for Single Engine Turbine Operations of TBM900 Series and PC12 Aircraft. The positions are for In-House and 3rd Party positions. The aircraft will be operated for a mixture of PART-CAT (AOC) and PART-NCO. Initially the TBM will be AOC and NCO and the PC12 will be NCO and then CAT as further aircraft are added to the fleet.

Available positions are limited numbers of full time, part time/freelance. Retainers are also a possibility.

Minimum requirements are an EASA Commercial Licence with Instrument Rating and the applicable SET Class Rating including the TBM900 or PC12 types (or both).

Insurance minimum requirements are:

TBM Fleet – 750 hours total Fixed Wing time, including 500 hours as PIC and 250 hours Single Engine Turbine as PIC and 100 hours PIC SOCATA Turbine Aircraft

PC12 Fleet – 1000 hours Fixed Wing time including 500 hours Fixed Wing Turbine time.

As contracted Operator for AOC and NCO operations we are responsible for the authorisation of the pilot from a Licensing and an Insurance perspective in conjunction with our insurance broker and underwriters.

Applicants must have the right to reside and work in the UK. Applicants must also meet the English Language Proficiency requirements (Level 6).

If any of these positions are of interest please send a CV, copy of your licence and medical as below, please annotate SET in the email subject line.

Flying School – Flying Instructors

We are seeking FI’s to train students for PPL and associated ratings. Higher than standard rates of pay with potential opportunities to move onto our commercial AOC / Aerial Survey operations.

Submission of Data

Please send a CV with relevant experience to Email [email protected]

Please note that due to the volume of correspondence we receive, we are unable to reply to all of the messages we receive.

Thank you for your interest in working with the Ravenair team…