Smartwings Junior Non-Rated First Officers

Smartwings Junior Non-Rated First Officers

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Travel Service (1997) now known as Smartwings is the biggest Czech airline company and at the same time, one of the most rapidly growing carriers in Central Europe. Apart from the Czech market, Travel Service is also present in the market in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary where the company has its subsidiary companies. Travel Service is the majority shareholder of Czech airlines (CSA).

Travel Service operates scheduled flights under the SmartWings brand and charter flights. Travel Service planes fly to more than 400 airports on 4 continents.

Aircraft fleet

Travel Service pays the utmost attention to the maintenance and technical condition of the aircraft. Currently operating with a fleet of about 50 aircrafts of this types:
• Boeing 737 – MAX 8
• Boeing 737 – 900ER

• Boeing 737 – 800• Boeing 737 – 700

We will operate 39 B737 – MAX 8 in our fleet in 5 years.

Destination Network

Europe, Africa, Near and Middle East, Asia, South and Central America

Type of Business

The company provides passenger air transport: scheduled and charter flights, ad-hoc charter flights and ACMI leases of the above aircraft for scheduled and non-scheduled flights, private flights

The goal of our airline company is to provide you with the maximum safety and comfort during the flight, to offer high quality services and, simultaneously, a competitive advantage with interesting prices.


For salary info and pay scales depending on base see here.

Crew Scheduling:

8 days OFF in a month, 20 days VAC in a year.

We use AIMS scheduling software with Preferential Bidding System module for Flights and Layovers Selection. We also use Flight Trades AIMS module for exchanging flights in already published roster.

During the winter season there is a possibility to work at ACMI contracts (e.g. Israel, Canada).

Uniforms and other equipment:

Every pilot receives a complete uniform, Iphone and Ipad.

Staff Travel and other benefits:

We provide STBY air tickets (only airport taxes must be paid) for Travel Service/Smartwings/CSA flights.

We also offer:
• an allowance for a company holiday on Canary Islands • pension insurance
• Company loan for type qualification B737 300-900


We provide on outer stations and during ACMI contracts only. Accommodation will not be provided at permanent home base.

Minimum Requirements

  No criminal record
• Clear Accident CAA record
• Medical Certificate class 1
• Valid type rating B737 – not required, you can aply without a type rating (required EASA CPL(A),

MEP/IR/PBN, ATPL frozen)
• ICAO English language exam at level 4 and above
• Valid passport or citizenship of the state within the European Union, a work permit for the EU
• The acceptance of the nature of flight planning that corresponds to the operation of the charter airline

Applications are via email with CV and Covering Letter.