vistara A320 Rated and Non-Rated First Officers and Captains

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Eligibility Criteria:


    • Rated: Min 500 hrs. on A320 in Command. 05 years of aeronautical experience in the capacity of pilot.
  •           Non-Type Rated: Min 1000 hrs. in Command on a Multi Engine, Large Jet / Turboprop Transport    category aircraft (MTOW exceeds 15,000 KGS). 05 years of aeronautical experience in the capacity of pilot

2.First Officers

    • Rated First Officer: Minimum of 750 hours of which 500 hours on type
    • Non-Rated First Officers: •Minimum of 750 hours of which 500 hours on a Multi Engine, glass cockpit, Jet transport /Turbo prop aircraft (MTOW exceeds 15,000 KGS) OR 1000 hours on Multi- engine jet/ Turboprop (MTOW exceeds 5,700 KGS)
  • Senior First Officer: First officer Requirements + ATPL

3. Air Force (Ex Defense Pilots)

    • Minimum flying experience of 2000 hrs. of which 1500 hrs. on a Jet category Fighter aircraft.
    • Minimum flying experience of 3000 hrs. of which 2500 hrs. on a Jet category Transport aircraft.
  • To be hired as Senior First Officer and there after eligible for command upgrade on having 750 hrs. as SFO.

Please Note:

    • Pilots to possess Indian DGCA ATPL/CPL, FRTO, COP/RTR, IR, current class I Medical.
    • Pilots should have Ability to speak, read, write and comprehend English language to at least an ICAO level 4 standard.
    • Above Mentioned Experience should be with a Scheduled Operator
  • Location on Offer- Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Kolkata

Applications are online.

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