Air Baltic Cadet Pilot Program

By joining our training programme, you will be able to develop your European Aviation Transport Pilot Licence (“Frozen” EASA ATPL) within approximately 18 months. Besides, you do not need any previous aviation education or experience to achieve this goal!
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You’ll be guaranteed a job as a pilot at airBaltic as soon as you’ve been selected for the training programme at Pilot Academy. See more

Pilot Academy will assist with documentation if bank loan needed. A single total cost of up to 79 000 euro is applicable for each student. Show less
It includes the selection, modern theoretical courses based on computer-based training and self-study, best-in-industry study books on individually allocated iPads, professional instructor-led theoretical classes, simulator and practical flight training, mandatory examinations and, finally, certification and the associated licensing fees. Extra costs apply only if the student fails several examinations and continues the course. The cost does not include living and other subsistence expenses, but we will help with economical accommodation solutions at the best value at your flight training location.
Note. Please take into account that the credit organization will expect a down payment of at least 15 000 euro from personal funds to issue the remaining sum as a loan.

The minimum requirements for candidates:

– 18 years old or older
– Hold EU/EEA/CH passport

– High school graduate
– Health meets Class 1 Medical Certificate requirements
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– Excellent written and spoken English knowledge (studies are fully in English)
– No criminal record
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– Ability to swim
– If loan required, clear credit history

Factors that improve candidates chance to succeed:

– High level grades in maths, physics and English
– Interest and experience in aviation
– Good cognitive abilities Show more
– Positive personality traits Show more
– Healthy, active lifestyle Show more
– Postitive community impact and feedback

Selection process

Based of applications 2019/2020 groups selection process is scheduled every month.

In order to ensure maximum success potential for all candidates, a robust selection process of several stages is in place. 

To be considered for Autumn 2019 group, application must be submitted till June 30, 2019.

To be considered for Winter 2019 group, application must be submitted till August 31, 2019.

Earlier applications will have preference in the first selection stage.

The candidate must fill out an electronic application providing the following information, in English:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter (200 words maximum)
  • Written responses to two questions (100 words max. each):
    • What are the main characteristics and qualities of an excellent pilot?
    • What I have done that makes me a good candidate?
  • High school statement of grades (including physics, math, and English)
  • Results of the Centralised or equivalent exams, if available
  • English knowledge certificate, if available

Applications are online.

Last Recruitment: Ongoing
Recruitment anticipated: Unknown
Status: Closed

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