ASL Airlines Pilot Recruitment

ASL Airlines Pilot Recruitment

Cadets, First Officers & Captains

Company Information

Last Recruitment Commenced: Accepting ongoing unsolicited applications
Currently Recruiting: As above
Previously Recruited Low Hour Pilots: Yes
Trend: Positive

ASL Airlines Belgium, formerly TNT Airways, is a Belgian cargo airline operating chartered flights mainly to European destinations.

It has its head office and hub on the grounds of Liège Airport.

The airline used to be a subsidiary of TNT Express but was sold to ASL Airlines Ireland in 2016 and subsequently rebranded.

Pilot Bases:

  • Liege


  • 2 x Boeing 737-300F
  • 17 x Boeing 737-400F
  • 1 x Boeing 757-200F
  • 1 x Boeing 757-200PCF
  • 1 x Boeing 757-200PF
  • 6 x Boeing 747-400ERF

Total = 28


Current Recruitment:

Please note that we are not a recruitment agency – we bring you potential flight deck jobs of interest together into one place. If you have any queries about a specific role, you should contact the airline or agency directly. All job details were correct at the time of posting but may since have changed or been removed. We have no affiliation with TNT Airways – All information updated is from information obtained from the airline’s website.