Korean Air is re-training cabin crew to use the stun guns after criticism for the way it handled a recent in-flight disturbance.

In the incident, US singer Richard Marx was among one of the passengers that assisted the crew in restraining an unruly passenger. Mr Marx and his wife used social media to claim that the crew were ‘ill-trained’. They said the crew did not appear to understand how to use the gun or secure the rope around the disruptive passenger.

Korean is thought to be one of the few airlines that carry weapons onboard and introduced the electric stun guns back in 2002. Korean have said that of the five incidents they have had, three have involved the gun being fired.

In those instances the gun used compressed air to fire darts that release a 50,000-volt electric charge, designed to temporarily paralyse the target.

Using Tasers in an aircraft whilst airborne should not pose any issues, however there is some risk to the target. In the UK there have been at least 17 deaths linked to the use of stun guns since they were introduced by police in 2003.

Unruly and disruptive behaviour on flights is a growing probem according to IATA and most airlines have restraint equipment onboard which requires Captain authorisation to use. It is not thought that any other airlines have stun guns, but it is widely known that some airlines, particularly in the US still employ air marshalls. Israel’s El Al have had air marshalls operating on flights for over 30 years.