Pay talks have recently ended between Vereinigung Union and Lufthansa without reaching a deal. The next step is to ask the mediator to propose a solution to the long running row which both airlines will then discuss. A mediator has already been involved in the two week discussions but no deal has been agreed.

The row dates back as far as 2012 and affects around 5400 pilots. The union has consistently been leading its pilots on strike with 15 walkouts since 2014 which is thought to have cost Lufthansa hundreds of millions of Euros. The last walkout in November for 6 days was thought to have cost the company 100 million Euros. The row is over pay and early retirement differences.

The pilots have asked for an average annual pay increase of 3.7 over a 5 year period dating back to 2012. This would be a total rise over 5 years of almost 20%. Lufthansa have offered their pilots 4.4% in 2016 and 2017 along with a one off payment of 1.8 months pay.