CityJet Climb High Mentored Cadet Programme

The design for the Climb High Mentored Cadet Programme is split into two primary stages:

  • Integrated ATPL Training Course with CAE Oxford Aviation Academy
  • Type Rating Training Course with CityJet Flight Training sponsored by the airline


  • Opportunity to train and then fly as a pilot on CityJet fleet
  • Type-rating sponsored by CityJet (aircraft type to be determined)
  • Comprehensive skills assessment & selection process provided jointly by CAE Oxford Aviation Academy and CityJet
  • Access to secured loan from BBVA, available to residents from the UK, France or Spain
  • Integrated Bachelor’s Degree in Air Transport Management
  • First Officer Fundamentals
  • Aircraft Upset Prevention & Recovery Training
  • Includes CAA Examination and Licence Issue Fees


Item € EUROS
Integrated ATPL Training Programme 107,000.00
Degree (Ordinary Level) in Air Transport Management Included
First Officer Fundamentals Included
Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Included
CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Accommodation at Oxford & Phoenix Included
Uniform, Books and Equipment Included
Travel Insurance, Visa Fees and Return Flight to Phoenix from UK Included
Meals & Social Expenses Personal Budget
Type Rating Included


Last Recruitment: June 2018
Recruitment anticipated: Unknown
Status: Closed

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