SunExpress Pilot Recruitment

SunExpress Pilot Recruitment

Cadets, First Officers & Captains

Company Information

Last Recruitment Commenced: Ongoing
Currently Recruiting: Yes (As of July 2018)
Previously Recruited Low Hour Pilots: Yes
Trend: Positive

SunExpress was founded in October 1989 as a subsidiary of the two industry leading airlines Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa.

Today, SunExpress carries around seven million passengers per year. With its 25 years of experience and thus the long-term commitment in the traffic between the home markets of Turkey and Germany, the airline has acquired the reputation of the holiday specialist even beyond Turkey.

The home base of SunExpress is in Antalya on the Turkish Riviera. The second most important base is the hub Izmir on the Aegean coast. The German branch office is located in Gateway Gardens near Frankfurt Airport, which is the base of SunExpress Deutschland GmbH, the German subsidiary of the company.

With around 3800 employees in Turkey and Germany – and as the largest employer in Antalya – SunExpress matters as a successful medium-sized airline with a strong track record of innovation and inter-cultural aspects.

The airline essentially concentrates on three areas of business: international tourism, ethnic travel (including domestic Turkish flights to the most important cities of Anatolia) and the wet-lease business. Besides scheduled flights, SunExpress relies on charter business and a close cooperation with renowned as well as individual smaller tour operators.

Serving more than 100 cities, the destination portfolio of the holiday airline offers a wide variety of non-stop frequencies between Europe and Turkey, Germany and holiday destinations like the Red Sea, Tunisia, the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean area or North Cyprus as well as the Sultanate of Oman.

SunExpress recruitment process for Captains and First Officers:

Dear Pilot Candidate,

Our cockpit recruitment process consists of following six steps:

During the first step, your personal documents and licenses are checked by the H.R. team. The required qualifications and your documents are evaluated. Our H.R. team contacts candidates who have successfully passed the document control step and initiates the planning process for these individuals.

During the second step, the Mollymawk Psychometric Test is performed, in which main psychometric capabilities that a pilot must possess are tested for. The Mollymawk test covers many different fields. These fields consist of: physics, mathematics, spatial orientation, working memory and time sharing. These tests are held in pre-defined test centers. The results are received 10 minutes after the end of the exam. Total time for the exams is three (3) hours. For further details please refer to the  link.

Candidates who receive the required score on the Mollymawk test go to the third step in the process, which is the simulator exam. “Full motion” flight stages are performed in a Boeing 737NG simulator. You will be accompanied by a captain or co-pilot of SunExpress throughout the duration of the exam. Necessary documentation will be sent to you so that you can prepare for the exam.

During the fourth step you will be invited to an interview which is conducted by our selection committee. This interview with the selection committee lasts approximately one and half hours. The entire interview process is conducted in English. The selection committee is comprised of a human resources specialist, a captain pilot from flight operations and a aviation psychologist. During the interview each specialist will ask questions according to their respective professions. Within five to ten minutes immediately after the interview we will inform you of the results.

For the fifth step our Human Resources and Training Departments will recheck the requested documents from you with the original ones. For Turkish candidates the training date is set and the employment process starts.

For foreign personnel there is a sixth step of applying for a work permit. Our human resources specialists will guide you through the process. It takes about thirty (30) days for a work permit to be issued.

We wish all of our candidates the best of luck.


  • Antalya
  • Izmir
  • Istanbul
  • Ankara


  • 64 – Boeing 737-800
  • 6   – Airbus A330-200


  • 25 – Boeing 737-800
  • 15 – Boeing 737-Max

Salary and Benefits:

Captain – Year 1 – €6900 per month after tax. €100 annual increase up until €8250 per month.

First Officer – Year 1 – €3250 per month after tax. Increases every 500-1000hrs (approx) by €200 a month and after 3000hrs an additional increase of €100 per month. Max salary for First Officer – €4350 per month.



Cigdem Cicek,
Human Resources – Pilot Recruitment

Sun Express
Gunes Ekspress Havacilik A.S.
TR-07230 Antalya, Turkiye
P.O. Box 28
Yenigol Mah. Nergiz Sok. No: 84 PK
Antalya, Turkiye Tic.Sic. No:12563

Current Recruitment:

Please note that we are not a recruitment agency – we bring you potential flight deck jobs of interest together into one place. If you have any queries about a specific role, you should contact the airline or agency directly. All job details were correct at the time of posting but may since have changed or been removed. We have no affiliation with China Airlines – All information updated is from information obtained from the airline’s website.