What is it really like to work for Wizz Air UK

A few years ago it was widely thought that Wizz Air UK’s offering to their flight deck crews could be better.

We’re pleased to say Wizz Air has significantly improved the package they offer pilots. We have got this info from the Wizz Air UK Pilot Recruitment department and is current as of July 2023.

Further info is available from Wizz here.

Life at Wizz Air:

At WIZZ we believe in a future where everyone has the freedom to travel. It is this vision that motivates us on a daily basis, and rewards our increasingly diverse team dedicated to achieve it. We work hard, we have fun and we get things done. For some the sky is the limit, for us, the sky is where the fun begins. Join us to break down every last barrier between people and air travel.

Wizz Air UK outlook:

Further expansion planned in the UK shortly. Recruiting direct entry captains (type rated and non type rated), experienced FOs (type rated and non type rated) and low hour cadet FOs for this. Lots of internal upgrades for FOs and training opportunities for both FOs and captains to facilitate further UK expansion.


Expansion to up to 50 aircraft in the UK including A321xlr over the next few years. Lots of opportunities for quick command and training roles.

Current Fleet:

2x A320 CEO

7x A321 CEO

8x A321 NEO

Roster Patterns:

Fixed 6 on 4 off pattern (excludes July, August, December).


Random with 4 requested days off per month and extra compensation 800GBP/month CPT, 550GBP FO.

Almost exclusively 2 sector days out and back. Expect to fly 850hrs with most sectors 3,4,5+hrs each.


  • Fixed roster 25 days (using 6 days gives you a 14 day block off)
  • Random roster 28 days

Staff Travel:

Free confirmed tickets given by company generally a couple of times per year, 4-8 tickets at a time.

Unlimited confirmed staff tickets at €25, €50, €75 per flight (up to 3hrs, 3-5hrs, 5+hrs).

Blackout applies for specific days over Christmas/Easter


Maximum company contribution is 110.07 per month.

Pension is minimum legal amount and capped against a maximum basic salary of £44030 no matter what your current basic salary is.


We have summarised the salary and benefits below:

Good to know:

Young and modern fleet from Airbus A320 family
One of Europe’s fastest-growing airlines
One of Europe’s greenest airlines operating with the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger
Leading low-cost carrier
Financially secure company

What can you expect:

Fast career progression
Indefinite contract
Loss of license, travel, and life insurance provided
Travel benefits on Wizz Air flights


To achieve SFO (on joining or whilst employed) you will need 1500 factorised total hours. See factorised table below:

Aircraft Group



Wizz Air



Airline Short-haul Jet



Airline Long-haul Jet



Airline Turbine (multi-crew)



Military Fast Jet



Non-airline multi-engine



Multi-pilot helicopter



Single engine/rotary single pilot



Airline cruise pilot (above FL200)



Captain Top (Year 10+)Basic salary 108,354GBP.Expect approximately 204,000GBP including sector pay on fixed roster or 212,000GBP on random roster. Assumes 850 hours a year.
Captain Base (Year 1)Basic starting salary 60,197GBP.Expect approximately 156,000GBP including sector pay on fixed roster or 163,000GBP on random roster. Assumes 850 hours a year.
Senior First Officer (1 paypoint only)

On reaching 1500 hours

Basic salary 34,780GBP after 1500hrs. Expect approximately 87,000GBP including sector pay on fixed roster or 92,000GBP on random roster. Assumes 850 hours a year.
First Officer (1 paypoint only)

Up to 1500 hours.

Basic starting salary 28,092GBP. Expect approximately 53,000GBP including sector pay on fixed roster or 58,000GBP on random roster. Assumes 850 hours a year.
Captain Sector Pay – all paypoints64.80GBP/sector + 0.119GBP/KM
SFO Sector Pay36.80GBP/sector + 0.069GBP/KM
FO Sector Pay21GBP/sector + 0.036GBP/KM