Finnair Non-Rated First Officers

  • Low Hour Pilot Jobs
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Applications have closed

Finnair is currently recruiting direct entry First Officers.

Finnair is a network operator specializing in passenger and cargo traffic between Asia and Europe. Due to its geographical location, Finnair is able to grow its Asian traffic more efficiently than its competitors. At the heart of Finnair’s growth strategy is the reform of the large fleet fleet.

The fleet has more than 60 aircraft, most of which are manufactured by Airbus. Finnair has one of the world’s most modern fleets, which means they produce fewer emissions and our travel comfort on our flights is top notch. The availability and sustainability of skilled and motivated personnel is central to Finnair’s growth strategy.

Minimum requirements:

  • High school diploma or alternative 3 years of professional qualifications
  • Fluent in Finish and English
  • EASA CPL(A) (with ATPL theory) or ATPL(A)
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • ME/IR ratings
  • 70 hours as PIC
  • MCC certificate
  • At least 163cm tall

Finnair’s airworthiness assessment and the selection decision based on it are valid for two years at a time. If you have been involved in psychological tests and / or interviews with Finnair’s pilot selections in 2016, you can not be selected in the 2017 selection process.

The selection process includes, for example, Pre-selection, two-stage medical assessment, psycho-fitness testing and theoretical exam, interviews, airworthiness assessment and a limited safety study. Applicants who meet the criteria are best qualified for pre-selection psychological tests. All participants participating in psychological tests will be charged a fee of EUR 150. Applicants graduated from the Finnish Aviation Academy do not have to participate in psychological suitability tests or in airworthiness assessment.

The application must include the following appendices:

– postgraduate studies and diplomas with grades (high school diploma, diploma, diploma, vocational qualification)
– Flight permit and medal
– Flight Certificates (CPL, ME / IR, ATPL theory, MCC)
– The last two checklists and the last two pages of the flight log
– If you wish, you can attach a CV and a free letter form to the application

Just attach the relevant appendices to the online application only for this search. The maximum number of attachments in our recruitment system is 8, but the number of pages is not limited. If necessary, you can combine the documents into pdf pages with multiple pages. Attachments must be clearly legible. The application can be rejected because of unclear attachments. An incomplete application or application that lacks the required attachments will be automatically rejected.

You will receive an e-mail questionnaire about the state of health after submitting your application. The questionnaire will be returned by 11 September 2017. The health condition survey will only go to the aero medical attention and will only be processed if the applicant advances from pre-qualifying. All those who have passed the selection procedure are subjected to drug tests as part of a doctor’s examination of work.

Connection to the application process is primarily done via email. Please follow your email regularly after submitting an application (including spam and clutter folders, as messages may also be filtered). We will be happy to answer questions about the search by e-mail at Write the message titled “Master Course Recruitment 2017 and Your Own Name”. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to answer inquiries by phone.

Applications are online.